These are texture projects completed for Perilous Orbit's VR title, 'Social Club VR.' Several assets needed new textures, hero textures, and updated UVs.

Backgammon board as seen in the game trailer:

This backgammon board had stand-in texturing that required updating. I was given three specific requirements: recreate the UVs to reduce stretching, remake the wood texture, and add red felt as an indicator for players.

These trays were designed to be collectible items for players, and required a number of hero textures in various styles. I used Substance Painter to mock up initial ideas, and then finalized the approved designs.

These poker chips offered a particular problem: they were causing too many draw calls and creating a bottleneck. They needed to maintain a high resolution along with the ability to quickly alter the number value on each face without creating new shaders. I updated the texture, reduced unnecessary triangles, and worked with the company's technical artist to simplify the material within Unreal Engine. Programs used: Photoshop, Unreal Engine 4, and Substance Painter.

This is the simplified material I created in Unreal Engine's material node editor, based on the original made by the company's tech artist.

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